Tasneem Zakaria Mehta

Managing Trustee and Honorary Director, Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai, Former Vice Chairman and Mumbai Convenor, Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage.

Mumbai, India

Mrs. Mehta is an art historian, conservationist, writer, curator and designer who has successfully pioneered the revival and restoration of several cultural sites in Mumbai. She has conceptualized, curated, designed and implemented the restoration and revitalization of the Museum and the ongoing exhibitions and outreach programmes. The Museum won UNESCO’s 2005 Asia Pacific ‘Award of Excellence’. The Museum has been nominated for several awards for its outstanding work. Mrs. Mehta is the Academic Chair of the Museum’s Diploma on Modern and Contemporary Art History and Curatorial Studies that is in its 8th year. She has written and edited several books.

Mrs. Mehta is a member of International Council of the Museum of Modern Art, New York and has served on several Indian museum boards and government committees for art and culture. She was the CII Chair for Culture in 2011 and presented an exhibition of Indian Art at Davos the same year. She was selected as a Mumbai Hero by Mumbai Mirror and has received several awards. Harvard University included her in a list of 25 women who have made an outstanding public contribution in India.

A.V. Ilango

Ilango’s Artspace Director and Established Artist

Chennai, India

A.V. Ilango is an established, self-taught artist and sculptor from Bangalore. As he was brought up in a rural setting, Ilango uses these memories as inspirations that inform his artworks and influence his rich colour palette. His works depict Indian characters, culture, religion and rituals presented as part of everyday-life. Apart from human figures, the artist has been studying the most familiar of the Indian animals – the bull, the motif having been an integral part of primitive, folk and classical Indian art. The artworks are rendered with angular brush strokes that suggest an energy, thus reflecting the energy of the bulls.

A.V. Ilango has been teaching drawing and painting for more than twenty five years. It was an art class till three years ago. In October 2004, he launched Ilango’s Artspace at 62 3rd floor, Rd. Street, Abhiramapuram, Chennai 600018.

This art space is not only his studio, but a place where he nurtures creativity in other minds, from little children to adults. The objective is the process of drawing and painting to express oneself in visual arts while enjoying the act of thinking and creating in an informal and personalized ambiance. Ilango says: “Art lets you be in the now.” He believes in the traditional guru-shishya pedagogy. The learning is customized, based on the aptitude, sensibility and passion of the aspirants. Ilango’s Artspace showcases the young artists who practice under his guidance in India and abroad.

Anil Relia

Indian Art Collector, Founder of Archer Graphic Studio and Hon. Director of Amdavad ni Gufa

Ahmedabad, India

Anil Relia graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts at M. S. University, Baroda in 1978, with specialization in Graphic Design. After graduating, he moved to Ahmedabad, where he started his graphic design studio “Archer”. Later, he met M. F. Husain and worked on his serigraph series. Husain became very fond of his serigraphic skills and released many Limited Edition Serigraphs. Admiring Relia’s passion, Husain insisted that he established an international level studio, which led to him working with many renowned artists, such as S. H. Raza, K. G. Subramanyan, Manjit Bawa, Jogen Chowdhury, Manu Parekh, Amit Ambalal, Jyoti Bhatt, Haku Shah, Atul Dodiya, to name a few. Archer Art Gallery is now one of the biggest art galleries and graphic design studios in India, while he has created some of the largest graphics in collaboration with Indian masters. His contribution to the art world has led to Relia winning several awards and accolades, including one from the President of India.

Relia is also an Indian art collector, known for his portrait collection, which he started in 1970. He has over 3000 portraits in his personal collection which includes many paintings, photographs, graphic prints and sculptures; in fact, his earliest miniature painting dates back to the 16th century. His vision is to connect India in a thread of art and pay back his dues to the art that has been so gracious to him. He wants to bring together as many people as possible through his work and sensitize them to art and culture. He has planned a series of portrait exhibitions and shows, out of which nine have already been implemented.

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